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Become part of something greater than yourself by joining Eco-Navigation, an initiative from Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation meant to tap into the plethora of people who enjoy the beautiful seas of the Mediterranean. We share these marine environments with an uncommonly diverse collection of creatures, and the efforts of researchers alone are not enough to maintain this biodiversity. The observations of sailors, divers, fishermen, and all other users of the sea are crucial for helping make a difference in the region.

Eco-Navigation provides a system for anyone to report sightings of pollution or marine life such as dolphins, whales, seals, turtles, invasive species, jellyfish blooms, and any other unusual marine organisms, with submitted photographs being encouraged. These contributions of citizen science are important data for combating rising climate and human threats to the Mediterranean.

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Dolphins & Porpoises

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Monk Seal

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Sea Turtles

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Invasive Species

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(if you don't have the GPS coordinates, please, be as detailed as possible regarding the location)
Marine Animal Observed:
(If you're unsure of the species, please check our website before submitting your form)
Environmental Conditions
(sea state, cloud cover (%), presence of boats)
(behavior, etc.)
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Enjoy Our Seas with Respect



Approach or enter sea caves

Mediterranean monk seals live in caves and human presence causes them disturbance making them abandon these safe shelters

Collect marine organisms as souvenirs

Removing shells, sea stars and other marine organisms from the seabed or the beach damages ecosystems and endangers other organisms that rely on them for survival

Feed or harass marine animals

In order to survive in a world full of human threats, they need minimum close contact with us

Anchor your boat in Posidonia

Seagrass meadows Each anchor scar takes several decades to recover

Spear gun fishing at night or while

Scuba diving is illegal Speargun fishing is illegal at night and while scuba diving, and any observed instances should be reported

Observe marine mammals

From a safe distance If you spot a marine mammal or sea turtle, keep a respectful distance to avoid causing disturbance

Report your sightings to our Eco-Navigation Platform

Join our citizen-science community and support the research and conservation work of Archipelagos

Keep seas and coasts clean

Don't leave litter at the beach and pick up trash you might find in the sea or the coast

Eat fish sustainably

Support artisanal fisheries and local fishermen and choose seasonal fish