Our Crew

Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation brings together the expertise of an international multidisciplinary team. Scientists, professionals and students of various specialties perform field work year-round at sea and on land near Archipelagos’ research bases. Together they combine their know-how and hard work, collaborating to decisively make a difference in protecting the region’s unique biodiversity hotspots from increasing human threats.

Core Team

Thodoris Tsimpidis (Greece) - Director

Honorary Researcher of Marine Conservation

Anastasia Miliou (Greece) - Scientific Director

Hydrobiologist, Greek Ambassador in the EU for Sustainable Maritime Policy

Beatriz Tintoré (Spain) - Head of Marine Mammal Research

Doctoral Researcher in Marine Biology & Biological Oceanography, Brunel University London

Tim Grandjean (Netherlands) - Head of Deep Sea Conservation & GIS Research

Doctoral Researcher in Coastal Ecosystems, NIOZ & UU, Netherlands

Laura Macrina (Italy) - Head of Marine Ecology Research

Doctoral Researcher, KAUST, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia

Andrea Tome Perez (Spain) - Marine Mammal Research Assistant

MSc. Biodiversity, Conservation and Evolution, University of Valencia, Spain

Marie Cigarroa (France) - Research Assistant, Aegean Marine Life Sanctuary

MSc in Environment & Sustainable Development, Université de Montréal

Charlie Hamblin (UK) - Marine Mammal Research Assistant

Msc of Science in Animal Behaviour, University of Exeter

Stine Petersen (Norway) - Marine Mammal Research Assistant

Bsc Biology and Geography, George Washington University

Karel Olaerts (Belgium) - Terrestrial Research Assistant

Msc Biology: Biodiversity, Conservation and Restoration, University of Antwerp

Vasilis Sarantou (Greece) - Captain & Head of Technical Operations

Periklis Koxilas (Greece) - Captain & Technical Operations

Scientific Advisors

Dr. Leanne Hepburn (UK) - Senior Lecturer of Marine Ecology University of Essex, UK

Marine and Coastal Ecology Expert

Dr. Rupert Perkins (UK)- Senior Lecturer of Marine Bioscience, Cardiff University, UK

Senior Lecturer of Marine Bioscience, Cardiff University, UK

Dr. Tom Cameron (UK) - Lecturer of Animal Evolution, Ecology and Behaviour, University of Essex, UK

Fisheries Ecology Expert

Dr. Petros Babasikas (Greece) -Director, HBAAS, John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landcape, and Design, University of Toronto

Dr. Danny Morick (Israel) - Marine veterinary medicine

Morris Kahn Marine Research Station, University of Haifa, Israel

Dr. Marta Azzolin (Italy) - Lecturer at Turin University, Italy

Marine Mammal Accoustics Expert, President of Gaia Research Institute

Dr. Valentina Costa (Italy) - Researcher of Marine Biologist and Ecologist, University of Aveiro , Portugal

Marine and Coastal Ecology Expert

Dr. Pavlos Eleftheriadis (Greece) - Professor of Public Law and a Fellow, University of Oxford, UK

Planning and Environmental Law Expert

Dr. David J. Smith (UK) - Professor of Marine biology, University of Essex, UK

Tropical Marine Ecology Expert Director of the Coral Reef Research Unit Director of Masters in Tropical Marine Biology

Dr. Ronny Steen (Norway) - Researcher at Norwegian University of Life Sciences

Ornithological Research Expert

Mr. T David Schofield Jr. (USA) - Cetacean Behavior, Acclimation and Transport Consultant

Cetacean Behavior, Acclimation and Transport Consultant

Cpt. Nikos Plakas (Greece) - Shipping Risk Management Expert


Dr Guido Pietroluongo (Italy) - Marine Mammal Veterinarian

DVM (Doctor in Veterinary Medicine), Teramo University, Italy

Maurizio Ingrosso (Italy) - Marine Mammal/ Fisheries Researcher

Doctoral Researcher, University of Bari, Italy

Hayley Mcilwraith - Microplastics Researcher

Doctoral Researcher in microplastic pollution, Plymouth Marine Laboratory & University of East Anglia

Alice Malcolm-McKay (UK) - Researcher in Deep Sea Conservation

Researcher in Deep Sea Conservation

Konstantis Alexopoulos (Greece), GIS Research Assistant

Doctoral Researcher, Cambridge University

Anton Leach (New Zealand) - Producer/Director Clawed Hat Films

Jasmine Duthie (New Zealand) - Producer/Director Clawed Hat Films

Marine Mammal Research Team

Kateryna Otreshko (Ukraine) - Behaviour Research Intern

BSc in Biology, University of Wroclaw

Olivier Eikelenboom (Netherlands) - Bioacoustics Research Intern

BSc Coastal and Marine Management, Van Hall Larenstein

Elizabeth Evans (UK) - Behaviour Research Intern

BSc Animal Behaviour, Aberystwyth University

Carlota Casas (Spain) - Bioacoustics & Behaviour Research Intern

BSc Biology, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Natasha Mangalam (India) - Behaviour Research Intern

BSc Zoology, Aberystwyth University

Anna Canela Badrinas (Spain) - Bioacoustics Research Intern

Bachelor in Marine Science, Universitat de Barcelona

Camille Stork (France) - Behaviour Research Intern

MSc Biotic interactions & Anthronic Disturbances in Marine Enviroments, Université de Toulon

Riwelen Le Fol (France) - Behaviour Research Intern

MSc Marine Tropical Ecoysystems, Université des Antilles

Fiona Couillard-Tousignant (Canada) - Fisheries Research Intern

Bachelor in Enviromental Studies, Université de Sherbrooke

Kato Duponcheel (Belgium) - Behaviour Research Intern

BSc Agro- and Biotechnology with Specialisation in Animal Care, Odise Hogeschool

Morgane den Uyl (The Netherlands)

BSc Life Sciences, University of Applied Sciences Leiden

Sanne Christiaans (The Netherlands) - Behaviour Research Intern

BSc Animal Management, Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences

Raquel Bornemann Planells (Spain)

BSc Biology, University of Vienna

Eva Maus (The Netherlands) - Behaviour and Bioacoustics Research Intern

BSc Coastal and Marine Management, Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences

GIS & Remote Sensing Team

Ionas Fabris (Luxembourg) - Data Science & AI Research Intern

BSC in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, Maastricht University

James Counye (Belgium) - GIS & Remote Sensing Research Intern

Master in Bioscience Engineering, Ghent University

Anne-Lie Van Praet (Belgium) - Beach regression based on satelite imagery

MSC in Geography, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven & Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Marine Ecology Research Team

Nia Stephens (UK) - Invasive Species Research Intern

BSc Conservation Biology and Ecology, University of Exeter

Jude Hamilton (Ireland) - Coastal Ecology Research Intern

MSc Marine Biology with Professional Studies, Queens University Belfast

Katie Nelson (Ireland) - Coastal Ecology Intern

BSc in Marine Biology, Queens University

Noah Rose (UK) - Coastal Ecology Intern

BSc Marine Geography, Cardiff University

Holly Pitt (UK)

Natural Sciences BSc Hons, University of Bath

Chen Donghe (China)

MSc Macroecology of Reptiles, Tel Aviv University

Terrestrial Research Team

Alex Betts (UK) - Jackal Hybridization Research Intern

Wildlife Ecology & Conservation Science, University of the West of England

Lydia Reilly (Ireland) - Bats Research Intern

MSc Global Change: Ecosystem Science and Policy, University College Dublin

Anna-Lena Fank (Germany) - Owl Research Intern

Hochschule Neubrandenburg, BSc Nature Conservation and Land Use Planning

Max Lie (France) - Distribution of Reptiles and Amphibians Intern

MSc Biodiversity Ecology and Evolution, University of Poitiers

Yaël Labrunie (France) - Jackal Behaviour Research Intern

MSc Biodiversity Ecology and Evolution, University of Poitiers

Lauri van Lutterveld (The Netherlands) - Least Weasel Research Intern

BSc Forest and Nature Conversation, Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences

Carla Esteban Silvestre (Spain) - Bird Migration Research Intern

BSc Biology, Universitat de València

Microplastics Team

Amelie Nübel (Germany) - Plastic Pollution Research Intern

BSc Geo Sciences, Universität Bremen

Media Team

Cat Beynon (UK) - Media & Communications

BA Marine and Natural History Photography, Falmouth University

Leena Van den Bergh (Belgium) - Documentary

Journalism, Artevelde University of Applied Sciences

Law and Enviromental Policy Team

Adelié Grijol (France) - Fisheries Policy Intern

Dual Bachelor in Law and Foreign Languages, Université de Bretagne Occidentale

Education Team

Romy Eichler (Germany) - Eco Nav Citizen Science Project

MSc Ecosystem Services, TU Dresden/IHI Zittau