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Limited Positions Still Available for On-site & Remote Internships in the Aegean Sea for the Autumn & Winter of 2020 – 2021

Despite the challenging times, while remaining on a COVID-free island and adhering to all necessary safety measures, the research team of Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation will continue to work and travel in a safe sea this autumn and winter. Our important mission to defend marine biodiversity is now more pressing than ever. To achieve this we combine applied research and conservation actions, in close cooperation with the local communities.

Who can join?
– Limited positions are still available for on-site internships and for remote internships.
– We also host professionals from various fields of science and communications who wish to contribute to Archipelagos’ conservation goals with their knowledge and expertise.

Apart from EU citizens, non-EU applicants can also join by applying for a special visa that can be issued on a case-by-case basis.

Areas of focus include: Marine Mammal Research, GIS Applications for Conservation, Marine Ecology, Microplastics Research, Environmental Policy and Media & PR for Conservation.

Throughout the autumn and winter, the Archipelagos team will remain on Lipsi island and will travel in safe seas on board Archipelagos’ 3 research vessels, the “Aegean Explorer”, “Pinelopi” and “Naftilos”.

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A view of the traditional fishing port of Lipsi

For this autumn & winter, Archipelagos’ main base is on the island of Lipsi, where the Marine Research Base and the Aegean Marine Life Sanctuary are located.
We operate out of three buildings situated in the centre of Lipsi’s small vibrant town, with great community spirit.

You can find HERE more information about our research bases.

Remote Internship Programme

During the time of the COVID-19 outbreak, if you are unable to travel, you can still gain first-hand experience in applied marine conservation on our remote internship programme, which includes “Real Time Monitoring of Marine Ecosystems”.

Find more information for our remote internship program HERE

Research & Conservation on board the “Aegean Explorer”

The “Aegean Explorer” is a 22m motor boat equipped with an array of scientific tools, including a multibeam sonar, structure scanner, biomass scanner, ROV, camera system that can reach up to 1500m depth, as well as an on-board lab. With the capacity to host up to 22 crew members, it allows the Archipelagos team to extend the research and conservation work to various parts of the Greek Seas, during targeted research expeditions of short or longer duration.

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Marine Mammals Research & Conservation

On board Archipelagos’ research boats you will be involved in monitoring cetacean, Mediterranean monk seal and sea turtle populations through visual and bioacoustic surveys.
The Aegean Sea sustains some of the most important remaining populations of marine mammals in the Mediterranean. However, limited scientific data is available on their populations and this region is in desperate need of protection, as it is subjected to increasing anthropogenic threats. Archipelagos’ aim is to cover the knowledge gaps by monitoring the habitat structure and population dynamics of marine mammals, as well as by quantifying the impacts of anthropogenic threats. This is required for the much-needed conservation strategies and actions.

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GIS & Remote-Sensing

In order to achieve effective conservation of the Aegean Islands, habitats (e.g. seagrass meadows, coralligenous reefs), species (e.g. dolphins, whales, seals) and threats need to be mapped and analysed in detail. Through boat-based surveys and kayak-based surveys, using an array of scientific equipment, Archipelagos GIS interns collect various spatial data which is then assessed with the purpose of presenting distribution models. Currently, the focus of the GIS team is centered around mapping seagrass meadow distribution and habitat suitability models for cetaceans, as well as creating maps to assess the risk of shipping accidents.

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Aegean Marine Life Sanctuary

The creation of the Aegean Marine Life Sanctuary is a main focus of the Archipelagos team. The AMLS will function as:

a vet clinic for dolphins, seals and turtles in need;
* a natural enclosed bay which will host formerly captive dolphins,
* a centre for innovative marine research – right now among other projects we are replanting seagrass meadows, installing artificial reefs, monitoring climate change responses.

Interns who join this project take part in numerous research and/or communication projects related to the creation of the Aegean Marine Life Sanctuary. They can assist in the development of various operation protocols in cooperation with our international team of scientific experts and if interested they are also welcome to take part in the actual construction process and the set-up of the sanctuary facilities!

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Marine Ecology Research

The Aegean Sea is rich in biodiversity and supports an expanse of protected habitats, such as the Posidonia seagrass beds and coralligenous reefs.

For many years, the Archipelagos team has collected data and monitored the biodiversity and habitats that contribute to these important ecosystems of the region. By carrying out underwater surveys, we are able to research the native Mediterranean flora and fauna in a more in-depth way. With the use of specialised protocols, RUV and transect surveys, we can assess the different factors that impact population and habitats. Other projects include experimental replanting of seagrass meadows, installing artificial reefs, monitoring blue carbon.

By joining us, you will have the opportunity to be a part of marine conservation on the front-line, tackling the current threat of invasive species and the critical decline of the endemic seagrass meadows, while also assessing the impacts of climate change in coastal ecosystems.

Environmental Policy

Interns who want to gain experience in the real-world applications of environmental policy, have the unique opportunity to join a marine conservation effort. They will work alongside environmental researchers in key conservation projects. This may relate to the protection of critical habitats such as seagrass meadows and coralligenous reefs from the increasing human threats, to the protection of key species e.g. marine mammals, or to halt destructive fishing practices. The reports produced will be used to combat environmental crimes or to develop environmental management and conservation strategies.

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Research on Microplastics & Marine Litter

The Archipelagos’ microplastics lab focuses on studies that assess and quantify microplastics and macroplastic pollution that poses an increasing threat to marine ecosystems and species. Such contamination may also impact the health of people living on the islands and coastal regions. The primary areas of focus that you would be involved in are conducting microplastic assessments in water, sediment and the tissues of fish and invertebrates as well as marine mammals and turtles that may be stranded in the region.
Research takes place on Lipsi research base as well as on board the “Aegean Explorer”.

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Media & PR for Conservation

Archipelagos’ research and conservation endeavours can be successful only if they are shared with and have the support of the local communities and the wider public. Our media and public relations team creates posters, leaflets, animations and documentaries, while also using social media in many ways in order to inform and inspire the wider public to take an active role for the conservation of our seas.
Working closely with Archipelagos’ research teams, the members of the media team work to raise awareness and share messages about the urgent need for the protection of our seas! Current projects you might be involved with, are creating informational videos for key conservation projects, collection of photographic and video material, writing of articles, developing awareness campaigns, writing social media posts, design of leaflets, posters, infographics and many more!

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