The Effect Of Light Intensity On The Invasive Algae Caulerpa Racemosa In Fourni Island, Aegean Sea, Greece

Bartle, S., Hayward, S., Thornton, H. The Effect of Light Intensity on the Invasive Algae Caulerpa racemosa in Fourni Island, Aegean Sea, Greece. Rapport de la Commission Internationale de la Mer Méditerranée 2013.



Caulerpa racemosa is found predominantly in the Mediterranean Sea as an invasive algal species. Its presence has been seen to negatively impact native biodiversity and cause homogenisation of the environment. C. racemosa has a high degree of morphological plasticity and this study aimed to further current knowledge of the impact of light intensity on the growth morphology and abundance of this species around Fourni island complex, NE Aegean Sea.