The International School of the Sea of the Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation continues its applied environmental field research programs as part of the multi-year collaboration with universities and colleges from Europe, the USA, and Canada. In April, we collaborated with the Secondary Technical School Otrokovice and for the 8th year in a row students of applied chemistry were trained by the Institute’s researchers.

Getting on with our multidisciplinary scientific activities, in the next few weeks we are welcoming master’s students from the School of Architecture of the Toronto University and bachelor’s students from the Wisconsin University and the Emmanuel College in Boston, Massachusetts who alongside the fieldwork research will participate in oceanic research on-board Aegean Explorer as well as in laboratory research in our microplastics laboratory which is housed in the under-construction Aegean Marine Life Sanctuary.

Το Διεθνές Σχολείο της Θάλασσας του Ινστιτούτου «Αρχιπέλαγος»

These environmental field research programs are part of the all-year-round activities and research of the International School of the Sea which is composed of researchers staying and working at our research bases, actively participating in the conservation activities of the Archipelagos Institute.

Having thousands of students from all over the world on our premises in the Aegean in order to participate in the activities of the International School of the Sea is a significant financial contribution to the country’s economy and supports the economic growth of the Aegean islands where the Archipelagos Institution operates.