We continue these days the research aimed at protecting the populations of 7 species of marine mammals in the area of the so-called Ikaria Trench – an area whose biodiversity surprises even the most qualified scientists. At the same time, however, we continue to record the announcements via Navtex of the military exercises that these days are by the Turkish, Greek and British navies, with the use of live fire and/or powerful sonar, etc. in marine areas of the northern and southern Aegean Sea.

In a sea of international environmental importance, where it is not possible to talk about dividing lines when referring to marine species and ecosystems, this situation is a permanent setback. It is against the international conventions for the protection of rare marine species, which all these countries have hypocritically signed, but also against the NATO protocols for the protection of marine mammals, which are also hypocritical.

Once again, we all seem unworthy of preserving and truly protecting this unique natural heritage, which is nowadays threatened as never before by human activity.