Out of all the students who have taken part in the environmental education lessons from Archipelagos Institute over the past 22 years, the most interesting and challenging questions are posed from the youngest students – a fact that fills us with hope, but also with great responsibility.

What is certain, however, is that having followed the short-sighted policies of recent decades, our generations leave these children with major problems, not solutions. Not only do we waste the natural resources that belong to our generation, but we also deplete those on which the next ones depend.
During these challenging time, researchers at the Archipelagos Institute are utilizing online platforms to be able to continue, even remotely, awareness raising activities which aim to inform and inspire students to protect marine life. These activities are offered in the Aegean Explorer research boat located in the port of Lipsi and are addressed to students of Aegean schools, but also in many other areas of Greece.

The real interest and passion of the teachers is especially important, both for the preparation of students, and for there to be a substantial continuity inside and outside the classroom, following completion of online classes.
Despite our heavy workload, we at Archipelagos Institute always find time to be creative and raise awareness by offering activities to school students of all levels.
We would like to thank the 8th Nursery School of Kalymnos island and the teacher Georgia Papadopoulou, for the action “Heroes of the Greek Mediterranean” in which we participate with great pleasure.