Archipelagos’ research and conservation projects can be successful only if they are known, understood and believed in by the local communities and the wider public. Our media and public relations team creates posters, leaflets, animations and documentaries as well as uses social media in order to ensure our success. Working closely with Archipelagos researchers and volunteers, the team shows the unique nature of the Aegean Sea and islands to the world.

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Media and Public Relations

Thanks to the media and public relations team, the Archipelagos’ efforts are made public in real time. Archipelagos is a non-profit organization, therefore fundraising campaigns are essential for our continuous work. Activities may include:

  • Creating press releases for newspapers, internet, television and radio.
  • Establishing new social network profiles and using them to promote Archipelagos’ work and launch awareness campaigns.
  • Extending Archipelagos’ partnerships by contacting international universities, institutions and embassies.
  • Designing and preparing fundraising campaigns and events.

Illustration of Flora and Fauna

Focusing on illustrating marine and terrestrial biodiversity, from mammals to flora, this placement provides an opportunity to work on numerous projects. The participant will contribute to environmental conservation efforts while developing a dynamic personal portfolio. Activities include:

  • Creating scientific illustrations of the species of the Greek seas and islands, both marine and terrestrial.
  • Creating illustrations to be used for informational material in related conservation activities with the aim of raising public awareness.

media_deskGraphic Design

Archipelagos’ research and conservation work requires creative individuals to prepare innovative graphic material in order to launch and promote awareness campaigns. Volunteers taking part in such placement will be expected to use their graphic design skills in environmental awareness campaigns, educational material and promotion of environmental conservation through a variety of media. A working knowledge of design software is essential in order to produce professional quality graphics. Main fields of activity include:

  • Designing posters, leaflets, booklets and material for lectures which present the natural environment of the Aegean to raise awareness regarding local biodiversity and threats to it.
  • Working closely with other members of the media team to integrate illustrations into posters.


This placement focuses on creating animated films which help to raise awareness about environmental issues. Activities include:

  • Making animations about marine and terrestrial biodiversity of the Aegean ecosystems and the factors which threaten them.
  • Participating in awareness campaigns at a local, Greek and European level.

Environmental Photography

Focusing on photographing marine and terrestrial biodiversity as well as landscapes, this placement provides an opportunity to work on a range of projects. A working knowledge of photo editing software is desirable to produce professional quality images. Activities include:

  • Wildlife and nature photography of species found in the eastern Aegean.
  • Landscape photography on the islands of the eastern Aegean.
  • Portrait photography.
  • Photographing the research activities carried out by Archipelagos’ teams.
  • Working with members of the research teams and helping them with basic photography and editing techniques.

Documentary Film Production

The footage created in the course of this placement can be used in various genres, from awareness videos to documentaries for children, giving the participant an opportunity to contribute to environmental conservation efforts while developing a varied showreel and portfolio. A working knowledge of video editing software is essential in order to produce professional quality videos. Main fields of activity are:

  • Filming the research activities carried out by Archipelagos’ teams.
  • Wildlife, nature and landscape filming on the islands of the eastern Aegean.
  • Video journalism covering the issues related to biodiversity and factors impacting the natural environment.
  • Editing underwater videos using the archive material.
  • Filming and editing material for different media (TV, Internet).
  • Producing promotional, awareness and educational material about the local biodiversity and threats to it.
  • Working with members of other teams to incorporate various forms of media into the production process, e.g. illustrations or graphic designs.


Archipelagos plays an active role in raising environmental awareness among children living in the local communities and throughout Greece by creating educational material and presentations. Qualified educators, passionate about the environment and seeking to expand their knowledge and experience are needed for this purpose. Work may include:

  • Preparing lesson plans, presentations, educational games and other teaching aids for children of different ages.
  • Cooperating with different Archipelagos teams to create and develop teaching packs.
  • Visiting local schools to present teaching material and implement lesson plans.