The letter stressed that the new ministerial decision will meet the requirements of the Mediterranean regulation (1967/2006), to ensure the sustainable exploitation of fish stocks and protect the environment. This means that fishing with towed gears (trawlers) will only be allowed at longer distances set by the EC 1967/2006 (1.5 miles minimum distance from the mainland without any deviation from this limit), which is expected to reduce the devastating effects on marine habitats and coastal fisheries.

Archipelagos notes that after two years of pressure, numerous letters and protests, this response from the Ministryof Maritime Affairs, Islands& Fisheries is the first positive step towards compliance by Greece with the European legislation on sustainable fisheries and protection of highly polluted marine ecosystems and fish stocks. As always we will continue to monitor this issue closely to ensure that the processing of the new Ministerial Decision will not be an unfinished project .The aim of all must be to complete the process as soon as possible and put the new MD into effect immediately.