Joint Oceanographic Research Course with the University of Essex, UK

Today is the 6th day of the Educational Oceanographic Research Course between the University of Essex UK and Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation in the marine area between sound of Samos islands. With the use of 2 Archipelagos boat, the oceanographic boat “Aegean Explorer” and the sailing boat “Pinelopi”, and using new technologies and relevant research protocols developed by the Archipelagos Institute, we carry out an assessment of the status of the ecosystems and the consequences that anthropogenic activity causes to them.


Through such activities, we aim to inspire the new generation of marine scientists who will be called upon to manage the major environmental problems of the European seas including climate change, fisheries, marine pollution and managing conservation conflicts. They are working with seagrasses, nearshore foodwebs and marine mammals and learning new skills in marine sonar and GIS mapping, distance sampling, social sciences and quantitative data analysis.


The cooperation between the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Essex and Archipelagos Institute begun in 2000. Since then, the exchange of expertise and technical knowledge between the two institutions is greatly contributing in our efforts to resolve knowledge gaps in the Greek seas and the Mediterranean, which is an important prerequisite for the protection of marine ecosystems and of the species that inhabit them.