New study abroad programme in the Aegean islands, focusing on innovative IT applications for the conservation of Greek nature
Archipelagos, Institute of Marine Conservation, in collaboration with the University of Texas in Arlington (Computer Science and Engineering Department), the National Centre for Scientific Research “Demokritos” and the University of the Aegean (Computer Science Department), after many months of preparation, are initiating this spring, for the first year, a study abroad programme focusing on applications of computer and information technologies in interdisciplinary projects for environmental conservation.

This study abroad programme will be taught in Archipelagos’marine research base in Samos, as well as the Demokritos Research Centre in Athens. It will be based on Archipelagos’ research, conservation and international environmental awareness raising work, in relation to the unique environment of the Greek seas.
This specific project is deemed very important, since it will offer specialized knowledge and expertise, from internationally recognised IT scientists, with the aim to develop tools which will contribute to the conservation of Greek nature. The input of experts from: University of Texas at Arlington, a world leading university in IT development, Democritos NCSR which leads IT research in Greece, as well as the University of the Aegean with has a dynamic IT department, will greatly enhance the development of valuable tools for the research and conservation work implemented in the future.

All parties aim for this course to be made into a permanent educational programme in the future, focusing on the promotion of the biodiversity of the Greek islands, while also being an important development initiative for the Aegean island communities.

The implementation of study abroad programmes by international universities in Greece is something, that until now, has only been developed in a minimal level. In contrast, other Mediterranean countries, such as France, understand the value of such programmes and host tens of thousands of students each year in such educational programmes.  It has to be emphasised there is a national strategy for the support of such study abroad programmes in France, which not only support the local economy, but also import knowledge and expertise.
Archipelagos, Institute of Marine Conservation, will soon announce other equivalent study abroad programmes, which will be set up in the Aegean islands and are the result of months/years of preparation.