We recently finished filming for an international TV production, which will highlight the rare natural wealth of the Aegean and the conservation actions that Archipelagos Institute takes to protect it. Archipelagos Institute is a Greek initiative that was started over 2 decades ago and continues to expand, without using any public funds. With the hard work of an international team of scientists and researchers, having the invaluable support of specialised universities and research organisations, Archipelagos follows its foundation of using a holistic approach to the protection of marine ecosystems, being always in close cooperation with the local communities.
The filming above and below the water surface, took place on our research boats, “Aegean Explorer” and “Pinelopi”, and on the research bases of Samos and Lipsi islands. Editing for this production with take place over the next few months with the goal of being debuted in February on one of the largest international television networks.
More information coming soon!