Another “proud spear fisherman” shows off online his achievement to fish a protected species. It seems that in this country we have set a target to vanish with all means – small and large– whatever lives in our seas, but also we share our pride for our achievements in social media, so that we can be congratulated by our friends. This is proof of ignorance against the laws, but also a lack of knowledge towards marine life.

This specific arrogant spear fisherman fished on the end of April a protected ray species known as Blackchin Guitarfish (Rhinobatos cemiculus) in the region of Kos island. As his relevant posts were located online, Archipelagos Institute informed Kos Port Police about the incident and about the protection status of this species. We requested that they prosecute him but also inform the fishermen about such protected species, to prevent future such incidents.

Kos Port Police responded immediately, both by enforcing a fine but also through informing the local fishing community. We would like to thank Zoological Ecological Society of Kos for their efficient cooperation.

Based on this incident, let’s consider once more when and how we will put an end to this daily and intense destruction of our seas.