Habitat Selection of Adult and Juvenile Common Chameleon (Chameleo chamaeleon), Linnaeus 1758, on Samos Island

Thornton, H., Pieters, E., Lhubert, M., Otaegi, E., Miliou, A. Habitat Selection of Adult and Juvenile Common Chameleon Chameleo chamaeleon, Linnaeus 1758, on Samos Island. 35th Annual Conference of the Hellenic Society of Biological Sciences 2013.



In Greece, the island of Samos hosts the sole surviving populations of the common chameleon (Chameleo chameleon). Despite its status as a priority species under the European Habitats Directive (92/43/EEC), its particular chameleon species confronts multiple threats. Its inclination towards urbanised or cultivated areas makes it vulnerable to habitat destruction, fragmentation, and changes in land use, all of which pose significant risks. Notably, observations of ontogenetic shifts in different habitats highlight that any degradation in its environment profoundly impacts the small, fragmented populations, notably those found on Samos Island. Consequently, this study aims to explore the ontogenetic connections observed among both adult and juvenile chameleons within the Samos Island population.