Internships in
Environmental Education

Archipelagos’ environmental education internships provide an opportunity to contribute to conservation efforts through support in community and public outreach. Our main area of focus, the Aegean Sea, is one of the most important remaining marine biodiversity hotspots in the Mediterranean and Europe. Archipelagos understands that conservation practices extend farther when knowledge about these important ecosystems and the threats they face are shared. By joining our team, you will take part in the design and production of awareness and educational material, as well as field activities and teachers guides. This material will be used on-site and also become available online and targets students of various ages and education levels, from Greece and abroad.

Key Projects

Developing and delivery of lessons focusing on marine wildlife and sustainability. Material creation includes lesson plans, teacher guides, resources for interactive games, field activities and more.

Designing tangible educational aids highlighting research areas and conservation efforts of Archipelagos. Mediums include infographics, posters and more.

Documenting real time work being carried out by Archipelagos teams in order to engage and share with the public of local communities as well as farther regions.

Conducting on-site and online workshops introducing students, teachers and other members of the local communities to biodiversity and conservation.


The Aegean Sea is one of the most important marine biodiversity hotspots in the Mediterranean, hosting immense biodiversity and keystone species in the most extensive and pristine seagrass meadows and coralligenous assemblages. Unfortunately, these ecosystems are at increasing risk of irreversible destruction due to anthropogenic activities, such as illegal fishing, tourism and climate change. Many of these important species are at risk of being lost before the public becomes aware that they even exist. Archipelagos values close work with local communities, making them part of the change. Involving and engaging others into understanding the importance of nature conservation is key to achieving successful implementation and management of all protective efforts. Since the beginning of Archipelagos over 24 years ago, time set aside to share with students and the general public the importance of biodiversity and conservation efforts is considered our greatest investment for the future of our seas.

Your Role

The internship will consist of designing and implementing new activities and materials in line with the objective of Archipelagos environmental education plan, working closely with the local community to generate participation and engagement. The internship involves, in principle, office work, but you will also be able to participate in the field work of the other Archipelagos’ teams so that you can acquire hands-on experience of marine research and conservation work. You will be offered the ability to work in a general intern role collaborating on current research topics, or in a specialized intern role contributing to one pre-defined project.

What we offer

We offer an internship at an inspiring institute with experts on applied conservation. You have the opportunity to collect data for writing a thesis, scientific publications or increasing your skill set. Internships normally range from 3 – 12 months, although shorter or longer internship periods may be arranged on a case by case basis . As Archipelagos is a non-profit organisation, the internships we offer are unpaid. Students, recent graduates and researchers are advised to search for possible funding through their universities, via their International Office/ Placement/ Erasmus+ Offices at their Universities or other relevant grant providing organizations in their region, to cover their travel and living costs. 

Technical Skills

At least one of the following requirements is At least one of the following requirements is needed:

  • Experience working with children or willing to learn.
  • Experience leading environmental education activities or willing to learn.
  • Good organization skills.
  • Creativity and enthusiasm.

Other Skills

  • Fluency in English.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Ability to work in a multicultural environment.
  • Motivation to live in remote places with simple facilities.
  • Sincere desire to work towards Archipelagos’ conservation efforts.

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