At the 14th Los Angeles Greek Film Festival, a short documentary about the Aegean Marine Life Sanctuary is being presented as part of the film collection “IN THE AEGEAN SEA”. It is a production of Clawed Hat Films, which is based in South Africa.
The main aim of the Aegean Marine Life Sanctuary, which is under construction on the island of Lipsi, is to be an innovative care center for marine species (dolphins, seals and sea turtles).

This year, due to covid-19 pandemic, the Film Festival is taking place online at the following link:

This specially equipped care center will be expanded to include marine treatment areas within a high-biodiversity natural ecosystem. The Aegean Marine Life Sanctuary strives to uphold the highest standards of marine animal welfare and will be the world’s first rehabilitation center for dolphins released from captivity.
Whilst respecting the natural processes of marine ecosystems and at the same time applying multiple innovations, we aim to create an innovative prototype model for the development of future sanctuaries around the world.
Read more about the sanctuary here and join our effort to create it.