Bases & Stations

The main research base of the Archipelagos Institute is located on the southeastern coast of Samos island. The base is situated 3 km from the historic town of Pythagorio, in the settlement of Mesokampos. 

Working facilities include office and presentation spaces, a workshop room and a lab. 

Living facilities include dormitory style accommodation, eating areas, common areas and a small gym. 

The building is ideally placed just a few minutes from the beach and offers a stunning view of the coast of Turkey and the Dilek Peninsula National Park. Local towns are accessible by foot and car – where you will find markets, shops and restaurants. Samos Airport is located approximately 10 minutes drive from the base.

Team members are offered an experience to immerse themselves in the local culture of a Greek Aegean island while enjoying the company of other participants and staff from around the world. 

In addition to this base near Pythagorio, Archipelagos looks forward to opening a new, larger research base in the north of Samos island coming, 2023.

A pioneering sanctuary where expert care and rehabilitation will be provided to sick and injured marine animals in and around the Greek islands and where formerly captive dolphins can thrive in a natural environment.

The Aegean Marine Life Sanctuary (AMLS) is a venture founded by Archipelagos Institute to create the necessary infrastructure for the rehabilitation of dolphins, seals and turtles that are suffering from strandings and entanglements. For the first time in Europe, it will also provide a truly sustainable solution for the relocation of formerly captive dolphins into a biodiverse natural environment. The AMLS will offer expert care and compassion to dolphins, in what is going to be their long-term retirement facility. The physical and mental needs of the animals drive our mission and will help to set future standards in animal welfare at marine sanctuaries.

Moreover, the Sanctuary will offer international scientists, researchers and students the possibility to conduct non-invasive research and to improve our understanding of bottlenose dolphins. 

The AMLS is located in a remote bay of Lipsi Island, where anthropogenic impacts that could disturb the animals in rehabilitation are minimal. Lipsi has a long tradition of eco-friendly practices embedded in its culture and Archipelagos works closely with the local community, strengthening the impact of our conservation actions. 

The AMLS houses a veterinary lab, a microplastics research/marine biology laboratory, offices and presentation spaces, along with dormitory style accommodation in a model green building. It is a self-sustaining facility and is fully supported by renewable water and energy supply. Indeed, solar panels, rain water and low-energy consumption desalination installations allow the AMLS to operate independently, with a zero carbon footprint. 

The AMLS has been operational as a research station since 2019. Construction is ongoing and progress is steadily increasing as more funds are secured for the development of the rehabilitation and in-sea facilities.

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The Archipelagos research station  on the island of Ikaria is located in Kastanies Rahon. This base operates dependent on various programs that run on the island.

The location offers offices, research laboratories, a library and presentation area. In addition, there is a weather station and an AIS receiver station. This base provides basic dormitory accommodation.

The research station located on the small islet of Marathi, is housed in a small environmental observatory provided by the Municipality of Patmos. Research groups use this research base primarily for short-term research, focused on coastal habitats. This base is also used as accommodation for the marine mammal team between surveys.