intern experience marine conservation
As a marine researcher recently receiving my B.Sc. in Marine Science, I was eager to get more experience in the field. When I graduated, I discovered Archipelagos and knew it would provide me with the perfect remote location where I can research an area that is not well understood or explored. Therefore, I made the
Archipelagos International School of the Sea Marine Ecology Team
My name is Okke Schraa, 3rd-year student of Applied Biology at Aires College of Applied sciences, Almere, Netherlands. I joined the Marine Ecology team of Archipelagos between April and June 2022 to study the artificial reef designs implemented by Archipelagos Marine Life Institute. During my internship, I did underwater snorkel surveys by placing cameras to
the International School of the Sea
The International School of the Sea of the Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation continues its applied environmental field research programs as part of the multi-year collaboration with universities and colleges from Europe, the USA, and Canada. In April, we collaborated with the Secondary Technical School Otrokovice and for the 8th year in a row students