Terrestrial Conservation


Archipelagos’ work focuses on a combination of multidisciplinary scientific research with the terrestrial team focusing on wildlife conservation of the eastern Aegean islands. Partnering with local communities, Archipelagos promotes communication, active engagement and the sharing of knowledge to take a holistic approach to conservation. This work creates a strategic foundation enabling and strengthening Archipelagos’ campaigns at a local, national and international level to defend the rich biodiversity of the eastern Mediterranean from the multitude of threats to ecosystems and their inhabitants.

Archipelagos conservation efforts aim to protect island fauna, flora and their habitats focusing on species of special concern with imminent threats. Current research to fill gaps in knowledge is being conducted on key species including the Golden Jackal, the Mediterranean Chameleon, but also numerous protected and endangered species of birds, bats and island flora.



Archipelagos works in cooperation with international organisations dedicated to the protection of the terrestrial biodiversity


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