Laboratory Research


One of Archipelagos' primary initiatives has been the establishment of the first non-governmental, non-profit, independent scientific laboratory in Greece. One of the primary projects undertaken at the Archipelagos laboratory includes studies to detect and analyze potential sources of pollution harmful for marine and terrestrial ecosytems, which can also damage the health of people who live on the islands and coastal regions of the eastern Mediterranean. Furthermore, the Archipelagos lab offers local communities analyses of drinking water, swimming water, and soil quality free of charge; our analyses include the identification of pesticide residues in plant tissues, soil samples, and finished products (such as wine and olive oil); as well as potential microbial contamination of vegetable crops. Other analyses include determining the pharmacological potential of marine organisms. On certain projects we also collaborate with partner university laboratories with greater resources for more advanced analyses. The Archipelagos laboratory is located at our main research base on Samos.


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