Laboratory Research


One of Archipelagos' primary goals since its establishment has been to create the first non-governmental, non-profit, independent laboratory in Greece. Archipelagos’ lab can assess potential sources of pollution that may be harmful to marine and terrestrial ecosystems, which can also impact public health. Chemical and microbiological analyses of drinking and swimming waters are offered to local communities for free. It is also the first lab in Greece that since 2009 carried out analysis to assess the microplastic content of samples from various levels of marine ecosystems (fish, invertebrates, sediment, sea water, as well as the digestive tracts of marine mammals and turtles that strand dead in the shores).

Furthermore, the Archipelagos' lab, in cooperation with partner university laboratories, can offer analyses for the assessment of pesticide residues in plant tissues, soil samples and products (such as wine and olive oil).

All techniques used in Archipelagos’ lab are certified and produce reliable and sicentiifcall valid results Further analysis that may be required and are not covered by the infrastructure on-ste can be carried out in the laboratories of our university partners..

Archipelagos’ lab is situated in the research base of Samos, while a new laboratory is currently under construction on Lipsi island. By spring 2020 a new well equipped laboratory will be created on board Archipelagos’ research boat, the «Aegean Explorer», which will be able carry out  chemical and microbiological analyses of drinking and swimming waters, as well as others, on site during research expeditions in various parts of the Greek Seas.


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