The Oceanographic Research Field Course between the University of Essex UK and Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation was successfully completed in the coastal waters of Samos island. In our effort to defend the nature of our seas, we have worked for the past 20 years to strengthen our standpoint with knowledge and expertise. The cooperation
Using the port of Evdilos in Ikaria as a base, Archipelagos’ boats “Aegean Explorer” and “Pinelopi”, conduct research in waters north of Ikaria island. This is exciting new territory for “Aegean Explorer”; though, “Pinelopi” has been operating in this area since 2000. This special marine area contains a deep-water canyon that exceeds 1100 meters in
                         Joint Oceanographic Research Course with the University of Essex, UK Today is the 6th day of the Educational Oceanographic Research Course between the University of Essex UK and Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation in the marine area between sound of Samos islands. With the use of 2 Archipelagos boat, the oceanographic boat “Aegean Explorer”
Στα βαθιά νερά της Ικαρίας τα «Aegean Explorer» και «Πηνελόπη»
In the deep waters of Ikaria “Aegean Explorer” and “Penelope” The boats of the institute of Marine Protection Archipelago, ” Aegean Explorer ” and ” Penelope “, manned with scientists, students and the necessary technological equipment have been located since the beginning of the month in the marine area north of ikaria. Known waters for
Alive swimming in the shallow beach of Mesakti beach on Friday 13/9 pm, a dolphin of the species Grampus griseus which was ” left ” and washed up on the land where it left its last breath. According to the first information given to us by the institute “Archipelago” the dolphin is located in the
Project Manager – Aegean Marine Life Sanctuary Part-time Consultancy  6 months – 0,6 fte Location to be discussed  3500 – 4700 euro/month (depending on experience) This is an exciting opportunity to help create real change for marine mammals by supporting the development of a sanctuary for formerly captive dolphins. Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation is
Archipelagos Institute participated in the 14th International Congress on the Zoogeography and Ecology of Greece and Adjacent Regions (ICZEGAR) that took place last week in Thessaloniki. There we presented the important effort that has been underway for the past year and a half to manage the population of Golden Jackals residing within the area of
Α three-day working meeting concluded yesterday between the Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation and FLOATS (Floating Laboratory for Action and Theory at Sea). “Aegean Explorer” hosted the meeting in the eastern Aegean Sea. FLOATS consists of academic researchers in social anthropology, politics, history, art, architecture and political ecology from Greece, Egypt, Lebanon, Spain, Italy, Cyprus,
As the human impact on our seas grows in quality and quantity, we recognize the immense need to intensify the effectiveness of Archipelagos Institute activities for the protection of our seas. Therefore our new research boat, the Aegean Explorer will be a catalyst. It is an old boat with a very good structure that has
The experimental net for the cleaning of surface waters from plastic   The experimental net for the cleaning of surface waters from plastic debris that has been designed by Archipelagos’ researchers with the support of OceanCare is a very useful tool to limit our plastic footprint in the marine environment. It was designed after multiple experiments and