Aegean Explorer
As part of our collaboration with the John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design at the University of Toronto, in the past few days we completed the preliminary phase of the joint workshop “Documentation of the cultural and natural landscape formations and ecological identity of islets”. One of the main goals of this
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the International School of the Sea
The International School of the Sea of the Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation continues its applied environmental field research programs as part of the multi-year collaboration with universities and colleges from Europe, the USA, and Canada. In April, we collaborated with the Secondary Technical School Otrokovice and for the 8th year in a row students
Sperm whales
For several years now, we recognize one of the two sperm whales in the photo from the big part missing from its tail. The sperm whale is the largest toothed whale in the world, with females measuring 8 – 12 meters and males 16 – 18 meters and weighing 24 and 57 tons respectively. It
The research boat “Pinelopi” was launched yesterday after Archipelagos’ captains and crew completed its annual repairs. She is now ready to start, for the 23rd year, its challenging trips in the Aegean Sea. “Pinelopi” is a traditional two-masted sailing vessel (schooner) made of steel. She was constructed as a replica of a renowned sailing boat
Three dead striped dolphins, two adult females and a juvenile male, were found off the southeast coast of Samos island. It is estimated that the strong winds carried them there from another part of the Aegean, after they had been drifting for at least three days. The Stranding Response team of the Archipelagos Institute of
Archipelagos’ Marine Mammal Research team continue almost daily surveys at sea , on board the research vessels Naftilos and Pinelopi, despite the frequently rough seas of the autumn months. During 77 days of survey in the Northeastern Aegean, we had 124 sightings of marine mammal populations. The sightings include 4 species of dolphins (bottlenose, common,
Despite the winter approaching, the Archipelagos team’s hard work on Posidonia seagrass replanting continues. Divers and snorkelers, with the help of the support team on kayaks, continue the transport and planting of our underwater gardens. We are slowly but surely making a contribution to reversing the destruction of these invaluable underwater forests. Over the years,

Microplastic Pollution Research

The goal of our research at Archipelagos’ microplastic laboratory is to identify the primary sources of plastic pollution and to quantify the extent of the contamination. Our researchers conduct thorough analyses to assess the abundance of microplastic fibers and fragments in various species and habitats in the Greek seas. Sample species are collected from all

Rescuing Loggerhead Turtles

Two Loggerhead turtles were found trapped amongst rocks, in shallow waters, in Kokkari and in Ormos, Marathokampos on Samos island. Both turtles were found by locals, and showed obvious signs of exhaustion, probably having been unable to dive or feed for several days. Archipelagos – Institute of Marine Conservation was immediately contacted by the locals
The research expedition of the “Aegean Explorer”, in the waters of the north eastern Aegean, continues despite the strong prevailing north winds. The first results of the focused and intense work of the research team, within the framework of “Protecting Aegean Sea Coralligene”, have been exceptionally interesting! In a marine area of just 7000m2, the