Last week, Archipelagos found itself in the historic city of Santiago de Compostella in Spain for the purpose of contributing to the development of an exciting new intermediterranean action entitled LANDCARE. The objective of LANDCARE is to improve current training capacities for graduates and young scientists, in relation to Land Degradation and Rehabilitation in Southern
Can we avoid global warming by protecting the Greek seas? The answer is obviously “yes”, and members of the “We Are Paris” initiative prove it in an interview with Anastasia Miliou, Research Director of the Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation. “We Are Paris” is a project of the University of Brussels in Belgium, which explains
A few hours ago another baby almost two months old, died on the small island of Agathonisi in the eastern Aegean Sea. The boat on which it was travelling crashed on the rocks around midnight and the baby was found in the sea, as were all others that were travelling with that boat. They climbed
Archipelagos participated in the meeting organized by the European association of non-governmental environmental organisations “Seas at Risk” on November 4th. The meeting, held at the European Parliament in Brussels, was entitled: “Making the link: marine litter and the circular economy”. Archipelagos, which is a member of the “Seas at Risk”, was represented in the meeting
A new case of a monk seal being killed deliberately was discovered last weekend in Samos island. This intensifies our concern about the increase in the rate of the Mediterranean Monk Seal population decline – the most endangered species of marine mammal in Europe. After being informed by local residents, the Archipelagos research team spotted
Yet another important partnership of the Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation is added to the long list of collaborations with research and educational institutions from all over the world. Last week, after a year of preliminary work, Archipelagos signed a memorandum of collaboration with the Sri Lankan international educational institute “INTEC-Asia Campus”. “INTEC-Asia Campus” was
The Greek fisheries and sustainable management, among others, were the focus of the workshop on “Greek Fisheries and the Environment: Patterns, Trends and Prospects” organized Friday, October 17th, from the Institute of Marine Biological Resources and Inland Waters of the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research and held in the auditorium of the Ministry of Environment.
For the eighth consecutive year, we completed with full success the joint oceanographic survey that was carried out by a 50 – member group composed of academics and students from the department of Marine Geography at the University of Cardiff, as well as researchers from Archipelagos Institute. Our goal is the collection of scientific data
On Saturday 13th of September, the educational workshop “Litter in the sea – The effects on humans” (organised by the Society of Active Citizens of Samos, Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation and Samos Divers) was held, with the participation of the local community and representatives of various local bodies. The aim of this workshop was
Researchers from Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation, continue their systematic effort to record, study and protect the unique wildlife of the Wildlife Refuge of Arki and N. Patmos, which comprises of 14 islands and islets. In the last year, Archipelagos in co-operation with the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (after signing a Memorandum of Understanding),