The documentary produced by the German public television channel WDR  presents the research and conservation actions conducted by Archipelagos Institute, aiming to combat over-intensive aquaculture practices and to promote sustainable aquaculture in the Aegean and the Mediterranean sea.  Aquaculture in Greece has developed in recent decades, sadly under the criteria of economists and not
One more Mediterranean monk seal was found dead, near Fiskardo of Kefalonia in the Ionian Sea. At the same time in the waters of Spain, France and Italy, where the Mediterranean monk seal populations have been declared extinct for decades, local stakeholders are making a great effort aiming to encourage potential natural reintroduction of this
Researchers of Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation released three buzzards (species Buteo buteo)  in three different areas of the island after the birds had received several months of treatment by the Wildlife Protection Agency ANIMA. Dozens of students of the island, with their teachers, were in attendance and helped in the release process. These buzzards
Last Saturday, researchers of Archipelagos’ terrestrial team, organized a pilot educational programme in the salt marsh located in Aliki, Psili Ammos, in Samos. 35 students attended this educational day from various primary schools on the island. Our goal is that the students learn about the rare species that live in this particular wetland through various
During 2015, Hellenic Seaways with its help allowed: A) Transferring our research volunteers between Piraeus, Samos, Lesvos, Chios and Ikaria to implement several important research efforts, such as the installation of the Climate Change Monitoring Station-Tropical Signals off Makronissos islet. B) The safe transport of 22 injured wild animals (sea turtles, birds etc.), in need
A few days ago a group of researchers from Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation located a young Mediterranean monk seal, which was deliberately killed by a dynamite explosion in the southwestern part of the Samos Island. This incident is the second deliberate killing of a monk seal recorded in the eastern Aegean this month and
The situation for thousands of refugees who keep travelling across the Aegean during harsh winter months becomes increasingly tough. The humanitarian infrastructure of the islands has improved tremendously and now nothing remains of the chaos during summer months, when only few volunteers and members of the local communities used their own resources to help thousands
Last week, Archipelagos found itself in the historic city of Santiago de Compostella in Spain for the purpose of contributing to the development of an exciting new intermediterranean action entitled LANDCARE. The objective of LANDCARE is to improve current training capacities for graduates and young scientists, in relation to Land Degradation and Rehabilitation in Southern
Can we avoid global warming by protecting the Greek seas? The answer is obviously “yes”, and members of the “We Are Paris” initiative prove it in an interview with Anastasia Miliou, Research Director of the Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation. “We Are Paris” is a project of the University of Brussels in Belgium, which explains
A few hours ago another baby almost two months old, died on the small island of Agathonisi in the eastern Aegean Sea. The boat on which it was travelling crashed on the rocks around midnight and the baby was found in the sea, as were all others that were travelling with that boat. They climbed