Scheduled military activity in NW Chios began today, 26/02/2013, which threatens once again to cause widespread environmental damage to the already overburdened fisheries in the region and the marine ecosystems of the area. After the destruction of forests and terrestrial natural heritage of the island, caused by the extensive fires of last summer, a new

Danger From Military Exercises

The planned military exercise by land units of the army during the period between the 24th January and 10th February inst., in the NW Chios island (Melanios region), eastern Aegean Sea, which is conducted with live ammunition “exclusively and strictly in a marine area” (!), insults any meaning of environmental caretaking and countermands the declarations
A mass stranding of Cuvier’s beaked whales took place on the western coastline of Corfu (an island in the Ionian Sea, Greece) on the 30th of November, and stranded whales kept reaching the shore in subsequent days and weeks. The whales found in the days that followed the initial mass stranding event, were in an