A new case of a monk seal being killed deliberately was discovered last weekend in Samos island. This intensifies our concern about the increase in the rate of the Mediterranean Monk Seal population decline – the most endangered species of marine mammal in Europe. After being informed by local residents, the Archipelagos research team spotted
15 Years ago, the Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation began to battle for the defense of the rare wildlife of the Greek seas and islands. Among the many rare animals that have been monitored and studied, since last March one stands out: a young monk seal exhibiting unusual behavior. While monk seals normally  prefer caves

A sociable seal!

During the past 2 months a young seal often appears in the coasts of Samos and is closely monitored by Archipelagos’ scientists. The young seal, which luckily is in good health, has a special behavior: Instead of avoiding humans as would be expected, it approaches more and more inhabited areas. This behavior however is not
A young fin whale, of approximately 6 meters, was found stranded at the shores of Kiparissia in NW Greece. A local resident/volunteer of Archipelagos Institute contacted us to report the incident, and in close cooperation with “Arion – Research Centre for Cetacean Rescue & Care”, alerted the port authorities and the veterinarian of the area.
Living in the current negative climate, we often forget that we live in one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation strives to accomplish its goals to promote and protect the rare biodiversity of our seas, in spite of this current economic and political climate. Archipelagos Institute endeavors to protect,
A young, 14-metre long fin whale was identified in the Saronic Gulf on Wednesday the 16th of May, by a member of Archipelagos’ observation network.  This impressive mammal was spotted in the NW region of Aegina, remaining in the gulf for two days to feed, and then departing in an unknown direction.  The research team
A rescue operation was set up in Mykonos island  by volunteers, the coast guard and environmental organizations. In the 15th of May, a young striped dolphin, for unknown reasons, reached the new port in Mykonos, where it remained for about six days. Archipelagos Institute was in constant communication with collaborators on the island, volunteers, the
A mass stranding of Cuvier’s beaked whales took place on the western coastline of Corfu (an island in the Ionian Sea, Greece) on the 30th of November, and stranded whales kept reaching the shore in subsequent days and weeks. The whales found in the days that followed the initial mass stranding event, were in an
A juvenile Fin Whale (Balaenoptera physalus) measuring 12.60m in length and weighing 8.3 tonnes was found stranded on Friday 23rd September 2011 on Mikri Venetia Beach in west Mykonos. Indications so far have led to the conclusion that the mammal died as a result of a collision with a vessel. Multiple external wounds visible on