One more Mediterranean monk seal was found dead, near Fiskardo of Kefalonia in the Ionian Sea. At the same time in the waters of Spain, France and Italy, where the Mediterranean monk seal populations have been declared extinct for decades, local stakeholders are making a great effort aiming to encourage potential natural reintroduction of this
A few days ago a group of researchers from Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation located a young Mediterranean monk seal, which was deliberately killed by a dynamite explosion in the southwestern part of the Samos Island. This incident is the second deliberate killing of a monk seal recorded in the eastern Aegean this month and
The Mediterranean monk seal known as Argiro, has turned up since last week on the coast of Turkey. After 2 years of being constantly monitored in the region of NE Samos, where her movement covered a range of 10 miles, is now exploring new waters as she is gradually reaching maturity. This monk seal is

An Interesting Cooperation

During the previous days we had the joy to cooperate with the renowned marine mammal expert, Dr. Maurizio Wutrz, an expert in the research of Mediterranean whale populations. His guidance and cooperation with Archipelagos’ marine mammal research team has been invaluable help in our research, monitoring and conservation efforts of marine mammals of the Aegean.

A Large Conservation Effort

After many thousands of hours of monitoring, for almost 2 years, our aim has been to limit the interaction of this special seal with humans. The busy summer months are over, having succeeded to maintain the balance between the seal and those who visited the sites where she rested. We hope that during the winter
A new case of a monk seal being killed deliberately was discovered last weekend in Samos island. This intensifies our concern about the increase in the rate of the Mediterranean Monk Seal population decline – the most endangered species of marine mammal in Europe. After being informed by local residents, the Archipelagos research team spotted
15 Years ago, the Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation began to battle for the defense of the rare wildlife of the Greek seas and islands. Among the many rare animals that have been monitored and studied, since last March one stands out: a young monk seal exhibiting unusual behavior. While monk seals normally  prefer caves

A sociable seal!

During the past 2 months a young seal often appears in the coasts of Samos and is closely monitored by Archipelagos’ scientists. The young seal, which luckily is in good health, has a special behavior: Instead of avoiding humans as would be expected, it approaches more and more inhabited areas. This behavior however is not
A young fin whale, of approximately 6 meters, was found stranded at the shores of Kiparissia in NW Greece. A local resident/volunteer of Archipelagos Institute contacted us to report the incident, and in close cooperation with “Arion – Research Centre for Cetacean Rescue & Care”, alerted the port authorities and the veterinarian of the area.
Living in the current negative climate, we often forget that we live in one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation strives to accomplish its goals to promote and protect the rare biodiversity of our seas, in spite of this current economic and political climate. Archipelagos Institute endeavors to protect,