A dead Mediterranean Monk Seal, with apparent wounds from a gun, was discovered this past Sunday morning by researchers from the Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation. Initially, it was sighted floating, presumably dead, in the south-west waters of Samos Island and due to the prevailing winds, it washed up on the southern coast of the
A few weeks after the stranding of a bottlenose dolphin with visible signs of human abuse, https://archipelago.gr/en/violent-dolphin-killing/ researchers at the Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation recorded a second violent killing of a marine mammal. One young, male monk seal was located in the SE of Samos, with distinct signs of deliberate killing. Based on the

Violent Dolphin Killing

The strong and persistent southerly winds experienced over recent days washed out an adult bottlenose dolphin which showed obvious signs of abuse on the shores of Samos. Researchers from the Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation immediately made their way to the area where they carried out an autopsy on site. Based on the prevailing weather
Many of you may have already heard of the Mediterranean monk seal, called Argiro by the locals, that approaches inhabited coasts and beaches of Samos island. This seal was found amongst us, as someone murdered her mother and as a result she lives close to people for the past 2,5 years. Even though she is
In parallel with the various research, conservation and educational actions of Archipelagos Institute carried out in many parts of Greece, our concern for the future of our seas exceed the limits of the Mediterranean. One of the main problems we try to address in the more distant seas is the frequent and fatal collisions of
An unacceptable and dangerous article and photographs about the monk seal which the inhabitants of Samos call Argiro was released yesterday. The report presented photographs of people playing with the seal, something that is not only illegal, but also dangerous. What is not mentioned in the publication is that many people who wanted to do
The International School of Dusseldorf, Germany, with students coming from all over the world, is one of the 22 schools which is currently part of a study abroad programme in Lipsi island. This dynamic educational action of Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation and Operation Wallacea, offers the students applied training in a large number of
Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation, began an important collaboration with the Ric O’Barry – Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project the most important activist worldwide for releasing dolphins from captivity and reintroducing them to their natural environment. Ric O’Barry has dedicated the last 45 years fighting for this cause, after 10 years of working at a dolphinarium
The monk seal ‘Argiro’ not only acts as an ambassador for the unique natural environment of Samos but also for the people who are passionate towards the exceptional natural heritage of the Greek island and who continuously strive to protect it. You can read the Greek version of the article here: http://greece-russia2016.gr/tourism/20160418/425462.html Due to the
During the past days, researchers of Archipelagos Institute found another dead dolphin in the area of NW Samos. It was an adult striped dolphin, which showed no obvious cause of death. A necropsy was conducted by Archipelagos and samples were collected to be sent for toxicological analysis. Yesterday, another unpleasant incident took place. A loggerhead