A new scientific publication by the Archipelagos Institute for Marine Conservation, entitled “First Assessment of Micro-Litter Ingested by Dolphins, Sea Turtles and Monk Seals Found Stranded along the Coasts of Samos Island, Greece”, formed the first study conducted in the Aegean quantifying the abundance of microplastic and plastics in stranded marine life. Research evaluated pollutants
Microplastics Workshop
At the Microplastics Workshop 2022 which took place a few days ago at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, the PhD candidate, Hayley Mcilwraith presented one of our most recent researches on microplastic pollution- a collaboration between Plymouth Marine Lab, the University of East Anglia and Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation. Research on microplastic
Fragments and fibres of plastic waste exposed to the environment are already ubiquitous to all levels of the ecosystems and food chains of the Greek seas. This is according to the results of multi-level research conducted by the Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation. Idyllic Tourist Destination or Open Landfill? At a time when the Greek
The preliminary results of one of the world’s first surveys to assess the content of microscopic plastic fibers in dolphin stomachs found dead on the Aegean coasts are extremely worrying! The research, carried out by the Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation, in which parts of the digestive system of 7 dolphins were analyzed, has detected
Apart from Archipelagos’ research and conservation actions, over the last years we have been experimenting with small scale applications of renewable energy sources (RES). Archipelagos’ renewable energy research team is one of the most creative and active teams. They are experimenting with using small scale RES applications, such as solar desalinators, wind generators, solar panels,
Another unlucky bottlenose dolphin found dead in Samos island last weekend. The Archipelagos team was able to locate the stranded dolphin with the help of local fishermen. According to researchers at Archipelagos, it was an adult male bottlenose dolphin with a length of three meters. From the autopsy carried out on the spot we could
The first autumn rains initiated a destructive journey of tons of plastic and other debris, which had mostly been accumulating on the roadsides throughout Greece, towards the sea. For many months, this garbage was “waiting” for the local authorities or communities to act, for their collection, with no response! It is unfortunate to see such
On Saturday 13th of September, the educational workshop “Litter in the sea – The effects on humans” (organised by the Society of Active Citizens of Samos, Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation and Samos Divers) was held, with the participation of the local community and representatives of various local bodies. The aim of this workshop was
The heavy rainfalls of last month revealed in the most forceful and, at the same time, the most tragic way, a chronic crime that takes place in Stavropeda of Andros from the 1970’s. Tons of plastic and other rubbish were washed away from the illegal dump and buried the neighboring Shinias beach,  while also covered