A series of applied environmental education sessions were offered by members of Archipelagos’ Research Team to students in Oinousses at the premises of the Development Centre Oinoussai Aegean. The presentations informed pupils and students (ranging from nursery, elementary to middle school and high school) about the rare natural beauty of their island. The intense interest
A two-day experiential environmental education seminar was held last week, 22nd -23rd November, by Evergetoulas Environmental Education Centre of Lesvos Island and Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation, in collaboration with the environmental education addresses of Samos. The objective of the seminar, which was attended by 50 teachers of Samos, was to inform and sensitize them
The 6th yearly Oceanography Course organized by ARCHIPELAGOS Institute of Marine Conservation in collaboration with the Marine Geography Department of University of Cardiff, completed successfully on Thursday, 20th of September. For one week, forty scientists and students from the University of Cardiff, Wales, collaborated with the scientific team of ARCHIPELAGOS Institute, which consists of 20 scientists, researchers and students

Archipelagos Visits Top Unis

ARCHIPELAGOS VISITS THE USA TO ESTABLISH IMPORTANT PARTNERSHIPS WITH SOME OF THE WORLD’S TOP UNIVERSITIES Archipelagos, Institute for Marine Conservation has recently conducted working visits at many of the most prominent US universities. The visits resulted in serious plans for project partnerships and collaborations, and mark important developments in the future of research and education
New study abroad programme in the Aegean islands, focusing on innovative IT applications for the conservation of Greek nature Archipelagos, Institute of Marine Conservation, in collaboration with the University of Texas in Arlington (Computer Science and Engineering Department), the National Centre for Scientific Research “Demokritos” and the University of the Aegean (Computer Science Department), after