The Citizen Science Observatory of Archipelagos Institute contributes to the monitoring of jellyfish blooms in Greece, proving once more how invaluable citizen science is as a source of information on the biodiversity of and the threats faced by our seas. We all can, and must, join forces, collaborate and exchange information so that we can
The first record in Greece of the alien fish species Cheilodipterus novemstriatus was made a few days ago in Rhodes by a member of the Archipelagos’ Citizen- Science Observatory. Cheilodipterus novemstriatus is a fish of Indo-Pacific origin that has progressively invaded the Mediterranean Sea via the Suez Canal as a Lessepsian immigrant. The species was

Help the JELLYWATCH program

Did you observe Jellyfish Blooms in the Mediterranean? Report it at [email protected] Archipelagos is a partner of Ciesm – The Mediterranean Science Commission JELLYWATCH program, which for the first time gathers baseline data on the frequency and extent of jellyfish outbreaks across the Mediterranean Sea. The participation in this program enables an unbiased assessment of
Another loggerhead turtle was collected this week by Archipelagos’ researchers. When she was located she was trapped among thousands of small and large fragments of plastic debris. She seemed very weak, having looked like she hadn’t eaten for an extended period of time. The team even had to remove pieces of plastic from her mouth.
Once again a human chain was set up to rescue another injured rare sea creature. A female loggerhead turtle, approximately 20 years of age, was found last Thursday in the Maganitis area of Ikaria. Tragically its frontal fin had been amputated due to entanglement in marine debris. Following commendable efforts by the locals who spotted
It was noon on December 6, the day of Saint Nicholas in Greece, when a local resident saw a large wounded turtle on the beach of Pythagoreio in Samos. She immediately contacted Archipelagos’ research base in Samos and a team of scientists and volunteers soon arrived to the site. It was a fully grown male

Rescued loggerhead turtle

Survived the hook… “Bitten” by Olympic Air Archipelagos, Institute of Marine Conservation orchestrated the rescue of a young loggerhead turtle, which involved the giving of first aid and transportation of the injured animal to a vet in Athens. The rescue relied on the cooperation of a network of volunteers, comprising of Samos residents, a local

Common Dolphin and Turtle Stranded

During the past few days members of the Archipelagos’ Marine Team responded to the strandings of a juvenile Common Dolphin (Delphinus delphis) and a Loggerhead Turtle (Caretta caretta). These strandings were reported to us by the local port police authorities, as well as members of the Samos Divers Association. The Common Dolphin was found dead