Archipelagos’ diving centre, certified by PADI, offers training on scientific diving to hundreds of students, young scientists but also dive trainers from all over the world. This training focuses on the identification and recording of the species, as well as on the training of the various techniques for recording biodiversity. Diving with knowledge and respect
Last Sunday, the 8th of May the fourth cleaning effort of inaccessible beaches on the eastern side of Samos took place. This effort, led by the Samos Divers, was supported by a number of citizens forming the large network of volunteers on the island. Archipelagos volunteers and researchers were once again involved in this action.
Last Sunday, major collaboration efforts were made to clean the inaccessible coasts of the eastern part of Samos where tons of waste (life jackets, refugee boats & other plastics) have been accumulating due to the refugee crisis. Most of this waste can be found in steep coasts where refugee boats usually end up. Cleaning these
Last Saturday, researchers of Archipelagos’ terrestrial team, organized a pilot educational programme in the salt marsh located in Aliki, Psili Ammos, in Samos. 35 students attended this educational day from various primary schools on the island. Our goal is that the students learn about the rare species that live in this particular wetland through various
  Archipelagos’ marine research team completed its research in Sigri, Lesvos. The research was conducted for “The Natural History Museum of the Lesvos Petrified Forest” and was in cooperation with the Faculty of Geology and Geoenvironment of Athens University, as well as with the National Technical University of Athens. Our focus was the mapping of
Archipelagos participated in the meeting organized by the European association of non-governmental environmental organisations “Seas at Risk” on November 4th. The meeting, held at the European Parliament in Brussels, was entitled: “Making the link: marine litter and the circular economy”. Archipelagos, which is a member of the “Seas at Risk”, was represented in the meeting
First place in the category “DLR Energy & Environmental Challenge” at the International Competition for space applications, the Copernicus Masters, was awarded to the Archipelagos’ scientific team. Τhe European Space Agency’s annual international competition was held last week in Berlin. In this international competition, in which Greece was represented for the first time, four Greek groups, including Archipelagos, won
The Greek fisheries and sustainable management, among others, were the focus of the workshop on “Greek Fisheries and the Environment: Patterns, Trends and Prospects” organized Friday, October 17th, from the Institute of Marine Biological Resources and Inland Waters of the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research and held in the auditorium of the Ministry of Environment.
The numerous, smaller or larger, illegal and destructive fishing practices, are a major problem that contributes to the emptying of our seas. In the framework of the work we carry out in Archipelagos, for the creation of a co-managed fisheries recovery area in the island complex in Lipsi, today we encountered one more such incident:
The potential for development through a truly sustainable marine economy, which will contribute significantly to the prosperity of the islands was discussed on the 2nd conference THALATTA, in Santorini island last weekend. Archipelagos’ research director Anastasia Miliou, gave a presentation on “The Aegean as Field of Research and Education: Knowledge supports Protection and Development”. More