Archipelagos’ Terrestrial Research Team, is continuing for the 6th year the monitoring of the Mediterranean chameleon population on Samos island. Being aware of the rarity of the species and of the responsibility this brings, Archipelagos began to monitor populations of this rare species since 2009, combining field research with awareness raising efforts. Our aim is
The Salt Marsh Psili Ammos is a small, yet of great environmental significance, wetland located in SE Samos. More than 150 protected bird species, as well as several other rare fauna and flora species find there a safe shelter. Despite the fact that it’s been a Natura 2000 site for years, unfortunately no protection/management measures
Published in ScienceNordic/ By Tommy Immanuel & Alvestad Wiik Every fall, Eleonora’s falcons nest by the Mediterranean, preying on migrant birds coming from the north. A Norwegian scientist has filmed the species over a long period to study the bird’s diet and activity. About four-fifths of the global population of Eleonora’s falcons (Falco eleonorae) nest
Greater flamingo Phoenicopterus roseus
Flocks of Greater flamingos (Phoenicopterus roseus) returned a few days ago at the Psili Ammos Salt Marsh in South East Samos. The pink flamingos find safe haven in the wetland until they continue their migration in the spring. They stand out due to their pink colour, their distinct silhouette and can be 1.30 m in
Researchers from Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation, continue their systematic effort to record, study and protect the unique wildlife of the Wildlife Refuge of Arki and N. Patmos, which comprises of 14 islands and islets. In the last year, Archipelagos in co-operation with the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (after signing a Memorandum of Understanding),

Jackal rescue!

Yesterday morning, Archipelagos Marine Institute received numerous calls from residents of Samos Island about an injured jackal that was found on the edge of a road near to Vathy city.     Researchers of Archipelagos Institute went immediately to give first aid to the scared animal and transported it to a local veterinary clinic where
Last week, Archipelagos Institute’s Rapid Response Unit were called out to recover two more stranded rare marine species: a Common Dolphin (Delphinus delphis) and a Loggerhead Sea Turtle (Caretta caretta). The unit were informed by both local residents and the Port Authority of Samos and the recovery occurred in shallow waters off the North coast
Last week, students from High Schools of Pythagorio and Karlovasi, Samos, participated in the Applied Environmental Education sessions given by Archipelagos Institute for young people of the Aegean islands. At the moment, our environmental awareness activities are focused on Samos, not only because the Institute has its main research bases on the island, but also