A scheduled meeting was held in late June aboard the vessel ‘’Steven Irwin’’ between Archipelagos members and the crew of the International activist organisation, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. The Sea Shepherd organisation was operating discretely to combat destructive fishing and illegal transportation of fish in the Mediterranean. Thus, Archipelagos had the opportunity to meet with these activists while they
A serious incident took place on June 30th, in the marine area between Samos and Fournoi. Members of Archipelagos tried to stop illegal fishing activities carried out by Turkish fishing boats, within the Greek territorial waters. Transporting of bluefin tuna and attempts to carry out illegal fishing activities were being made by the Turkish vessels: Aboulkerim(34.18.TG.2699) and Masallah.Refik.Usta (10.03.TG.0123) in the area
Just twelve days after the official EU fishing season for bluefin tuna in the EU Mediterranean zone has ended (June 15th), and one week after the “liberation” from the environmental organization «Sea Shepherd» of 800 tons of red tuna towed by poachers off the Libyan coast, another serious incident of illegal fishing of this kind
On 10 June members of the Archipelagos Marine Research Team met with the Commissioner for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Mrs Maria Damanaki. The purpose of the meeting was to inform the Commissioner and her partners on the following aspects of marine protection studied by the Archipelagos research team: 1. “Pirate” fishing by illegal vessels in
In a bold attempt, the Panhellenic Middle Range Union of Fisheries Shipowners, (P.E.P.M.A) attempted to intervene in the research activities that Archipelagos is conducting in the south of Samos. The destructive and frequently illegal fishing practices utilized by P.E.P.M.A members, mainly trawling over productive habitats, is a significant factor adding to the degradation of the