Last week Archipelagos was visited by an academic delegation from the University of Cukurova, headed by the Rector of the University. Cukurova University in Adana, Turkey, has over 43,000 students and is one of the largest of Turkey’s 180 universities. It is considered a leading institution in the fields of agronomy and agricultural education. Archipelagos
A few days ago the Archipelagos research team visited the Special Education School in Samos in order to plant a school garden using seeds from local varieties. These seeds come from the Archipelagos Seed Bank. With the help of teachers and Archipelagos researchers, students cultivated local varieties of winter vegetables and a rare variety of
Investing in education, knowledge and environmental awareness among young people – the Aegean Seed Bank of Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation continues working for another year with schools around Greece. An important initiative is the creation of school gardens, which are grown from local varieties of seeds which are being stored in the Seed Bank.
Students are also involved in experiments on genetic modification of products, as well as watching educational videos (in which hybridization, genetic engineeringand in vitro cultivation appear as ways of improving natural crop production); at the end of this “learning” process, they are asked to give the “right” answers. From the very beginning, Archipelagos, Institute of