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Archipelagos is involved in a wide variety of research projects and environmental conservation initiatives. These require interdisciplinary work in fields ranging from zoological study and fisheries management to laboratory analyses for the detection of pollutants and the creation of a seed bank for local, endemic agricultural plant varieties.

The work and contribution of scientists specializing in different areas of study as well as the cooperation with universities and research institutes from Greece and abroad have been invaluable to Archipelagos.

International Organisations

Archipelagos is:

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United Nations Environment Programme

Agreement on the Protection of Cetaceans in the Mediterranean region

International Commission for the Scientific Exploration of the Mediterranean

Med Sea Alliance

Marine Research & Conservation

Department of Biological Sciences

Department of Functional Biology

Department of Biological Sciences

School of Geology

Oceanography Center

Seeger Center for Hellenic Studies

School of Earth and Ocean Sciences

Plymouth Marine Lab

Department of Chemistry

School of Environmental Sciences

Biological, Environmental & Rural Sciences

Jonh H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture

Marine Biology Program

World Animal Protection

Department of Marine Sciences

Department of Marine Living Resources

Mediterranean Recovery Action

School of Chemical Engineering

Department of Earth Sciences and Environment

Foundation for Research and Technology

Department of Political Science

Foundation for the Defence of Animals

Organization for the protection & restoration of the marine environment

Department of Ecology, School of Biology

Seal rescue and rehabilitation

Institute of Botany


Terrestrial Research & Conservation

Norwegian University of Life Sciences

Faculty of Environmental Protection

Ecology and Environmental Protection Department

Department of Geology

Research Centre in Biodiversity and Genetic Resourcesic Resources, Portugal

Museum & Institute of Zoology