Oceanographic research:

  • ROV, Underwater Suspension Manipulator VVL-XF-CU Max. operating depth: 150 m;
  • ROV Comex Super Achille; Max. operating depth: 1000 m
    (available only for targeted projects - in cooperation with Planet Blue Diving Center);
  • Biomass Scanner Simrad EK80;
  • Side scan sonar (StructureScan™ HD Sonar Imaging Lowrance);
  • Furuno Multibeam echosounder with Transducer DFF3D - WASP);
  • Single beam echosounder (Totalscan Transducer Lowrance, Elite 7Ti);
  • SwellPro Splash Drone 3
  • 8 kayaks for mapping purposes (mounted with structure scanner) and microplastic sample collection;
  • Nobeltec InSight Sounder; 
  • Mariner 1100™ High-Definition Underwater Robotic Camera System;
  • AIGAIO ASV3 1.80m autonomous surface vehicle with sonar capabilities.


         Marine Mammal research:

  • Towed Hydrophone Array System (340m cable - 4 channel) + PAMGuard software; 
  • Aquarian AS-1 hydrophone;
  • Tascam recorder;
  • Underwater cameras;
  • Photo ID camera NIKON 3100;
  • BRESSER 7x50 waterproof rangefinder binoculars;
  • BRESSER 10x42 waterproof binoculars.


          Sampling and Environmental data collection:

  • Manta net (133μm);
  • 2 benthic chambers (PVC domes) + PME minidot data loggers (HOBO) for measuring oxygen production;
  • 3 VV grab sampler;
  • Benthic dredge;
  • 2 plankton nets (200 μm);
  • Water sampler for depths down to 100 m;
  • Underwater temperature and light intensity loggers;
  • Temperature, salinity and pH meters & secchi disks.



  • Electric winch with long-line for experimental fishing down to 2000m;
  • Transect lines and quadrats for visual-census surveys;
  • Permanent quadrants and transects;

Archipelagos possesses its own independent diving center, situated only a few meters from the sea. The diving center contains all equipment necessary for scuba diving and snorkel-based surveys and is used to support the study and conservation of underwater biodiversity in the northeastern Aegean. Our diving equipment includes:

  • 20 complete scuba diving sets (regulators, BCDs etc.);
  • 30 diving tanks;
  • Paramina Typhoon Silent Compressor, offering high quality breathing air and complying with applicable EU directives;
  • 30 complete snorkeling sets (wet suits, masks, fins etc);
  • 1 Ocean Reef wireless underwater communication system.

For the implementation of research into the fauna, flora and overall ecosystem health of the terrestrial habitats of the islands, the following equipment is used:

  • 10 Camera traps (Bushnell Aggressor HD No-Glow); 
  • 6 AudioMoth full-spectrum acoustic loggers;
  • 3 LiteTrack Iridium satellite collars
  • 2 Megaphones and recorder for bioacoustics (for jackals, birds etc.);
  • Calipers (analogic and digital);
  • Digital thermometers and infrared thermometer;
  • Compasses;
  • Binoculars;
  • Torches, flashlights, UV flashlight;
  • Increment borer;
  • Silva Clinomaster clinometers;
  • Digital probes for Ph, dissolved oxygen, temperature, conductivity;
  • GPS;
  • Geopacks flowmeter;
  • Surber sampling net – 1 mm mesh;
  • 2 pond nets.

Archipelagos’ non-governmental, non-profit laboratory is the first of its kind in Greece. It is equipped with instruments which allow us to analyze the microplastic content in the marine food chain and ecosystems, as well as the water and soil. All techniques used in the Archipelagos laboratory are certified and produce reliable, scientific results.

          Microplastics Research:

  • Basic laboratory glassware (flasks, beakers, funnels, Erlenmeyers, volumetric cylinders, pipettes, etc.) and filtration sets;
  • Manta net (133μm);
  • Laboratory mortar, sieves;
  • 3 vacuum pumps;
  • 1 KDI micro-viewer, model -501;
  • 1 monocular microscope x1000;
  • 1 monocular microscope x400;
  • 4 dissecting microscopes – (Essex University donation);
  • 4 balances, 40 g, 200 g, 500 g and 5.2 kg.

         Water quality:

  • HACH SC1500  State-of-the-art modular Cloud-based Multi-parameter Universal Controller;
  • HACH 3798sc Immersion Digital Inductive Conductivity with integrated AD electronics;
  • HACH pHD sc General Purpose Online Process differential pH Sensor;
  • HACH LDO sc Dissolved oxygen Optical sensor seawater version;
  • HACH HQ40d Multi portable meter with 30m heavy duty sensors for pH,temperature, conductivity, TDS, Salinity, D.Oxygen;
  • HACH DR 3900 High-performance VIS spectrophotometer with RFID technology;
  • HACH LT200 Thermostat for sample digestion;
  • 1 Hanna C99 multiparameter bench photometer;
  • 1 LaMotte smart spectrophotometer;
  • 1 digital arsenator (Wagtech);
  • Kits for microbiological analysis (total coliform, E-Coli, IDEXX Water Microbiology);
  • 2 Thermolyne incubator type I42300;
  • 1 automatic heater for water bath, model CB 8300 (RESUN);
  • 1 UV lamp ZF- 7A Spectroline model CM-10;
  • 3 analogue spectrophotometers S104 WPA;
  • 1 light meter, EXTECH instruments 401025;
  • 1 pinpoint salinity monitor;
  • 1 Milwaukee MW600 dissolved oxygen meter;
  • 1 Martini Instruments portable pH/temperature meter;
  • 1 Membrane pH meter, HANNA HI 8314.


  • 1 Perkin Elmer atomic absorption spectrophotometer;
  • 1 autoclave;
  • 1 soil test kit, LaMotte AST-15;
  • 1 centrifuge model 80- 2;
  • 1 centrifuge (MSE).