Archipelagos Institute

Our mission 

To defend and protect the biodiversity of the Northeastern Mediterranean, with an emphasis on the Greek seas and islands, through a combination of applied scientific research, education, conservation actions and community engagement.

“Archipelagos – Institute of Marine Conservation” is a Greek non-profit, non-governmental organization combining multidisciplinary scientific research and efficient conservation work with the active participation of local communities since 1998.

This cooperation creates a strategic foundation that enables and strengthens the activities of Archipelagos at the local, national and European level, allowing us to protect aquatic and terrestrial life against ever-increasing human factors.

Where we focus

Marine mammal conservation
Marine ecosystem conservation
Laboratory research with marine conservation applications
Terrestrial wildlife conservation
Education programs
Community engagement and awareness activities
Creation of the Aegean Marine Life Sanctuary

We Use Our Scientific Knowledge to:

  • Cooperate with local communities and authorities to develop and apply pilot management and conservation projects aimed at protecting habitats and species of the Aegean Sea. These projects can later be applied to other parts of Greece and the northeastern Mediterranean.
  • Work directly in order to stop destructive human behavior, such as illegal fishing practices, explosions at sea, waste dumping, maritime pollution, erosive overgrazing and other threats to biodiversity.
  • Launch environmental actions and awareness campaigns at local, national and EU levels through the use of social media, video, animation and printed media in order to inform the public on how to better preserve and actively protect its natural resources.