Within the framework of strategic cooperation between Archipelagos Institute, Municipality of Barcelona and the Spanish organization FAADA, last week, we hosted a visit from a group of experts and representatives of the municipality. The meetings took place in the two main bases of Archipelagos Institute, located in Samos and in Lipsi islands.
Despite the adverse weather conditions, the team travelled with the Archipelagos research boat to the island of Lipsi. During our visit, we attended a meeting with the Mayor of Lipsi island, in which we discussed potential proposals on the development of joint initiatives.
It is worth noting that for many years, the Municipality of Barcelona has been a pioneer in environmental issues at both national and EU levels, having managed to solve many critical problems, achieving among others, integrated recycling practices, the permanent shutdown of circuses and the ban of bullfighting.
The main aim of this cooperation is to use the experience of the Barcelona authorities for the benefit of Greek municipalities, beginning with the Municipality of Lipsi, which constitutes a pioneer in Greece, in real green development practices.
Soon there will be more detailed information on the subject.