Researchers of Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation released three buzzards (species Buteo buteo)  in three different areas of the island after the birds had received several months of treatment by the Wildlife Protection Agency ANIMA. Dozens of students of the island, with their teachers, were in attendance and helped in the release process.

These buzzards were only three of the many injured wildlife species of Samos brought into the Archipelagos base.


As Archipelagos stated, “This event is part of our daily lives but we rarely have time to publicize. With the valuable guidance of the people of ANIMA, when possible, provide first aid and brief treatment in one of our research stations, until they are released into the wild again. Often, however, they need special care from specialist wildlife veterinarians and their transportation to Athens is a necessary transition. These important transportations would not be possible without the support of Hellenic Seaways, whom we thank once again for their continuous support throughout the years.”

“Most of these animals carry wounds from anthropogenic causes. It is really sad to see the extent of the abuse these wild animals are exposed to by human beings. On the other hand, the warm response of the local communities is very promising. Residents of the islands, mainly farmers and fishermen, who identify injured wild animals do what they can to rescue them.”


“What is also promising is the response of the local school’s children -who by seeing these impressive birds and learning about their biology, as well as their ecological and economic importance, expressed the reasonable question: ‘Who are the people who keep destroying their natural environment, affecting also our own existence?’”

“The killing of a single hawk involves the survival and reproduction of tens of thousands of rodents per year (due to their very fast reproduction rate). This course has dramatic effects on crops, while the population outbreaks of rodents is one of the main factors that hinder the natural process of reforestation of burned forests.”

“It is imperative to realize the extent of the destruction that is taking place around us, by our fellow citizens, and to clearly set the limits of our tolerance with regard to this ongoing destruction of biodiversity. Those who poison and shoot wild animals virtually poison and shoot our future.