A rescue operation was set up in Mykonos island  by volunteers, the coast guard and environmental organizations. In the 15th of May, a young striped dolphin, for unknown reasons, reached the new port in Mykonos, where it remained for about six days. Archipelagos Institute was in constant communication with collaborators on the island, volunteers, the research center of rescue and care “ARION” and the local coast guard in order to assess the health condition of the animal and the causes of its behavior. Despite the fact that the striped dolphin seemed to be in a good condition, during the third day it started presenting the first alarming symptoms. In cooperation with “ARION”, the vet of the island and Dr.Anastasia Komninou, every effort was made to rescue the animal, but unfortunately the results were not the expecting and the striped dolphin lost the battle for life on Monday morning.

We would like to thank everyone who dedicated endless hours, day and night, staying with the animal and utilising all possible means for its rescue. The immediate mobilisation of the public fills us with optimism, that similar incidents in the future might have a better outcome.

In a period that our marine ecosystems face constant degradation, our aim is to expand the information and volunteering network in Greece, and engaging the wider public in the common effort to to ensure in the best possible way, the future of our seas and the rare biodiversity they support.