While at the Archipelagos Institute we monitor on a daily basis the changes in the marine ecosystems, due to the limited fishing and overall limited presence of humans at seas because of the pandemic, the images we record impress us, even if we know they will not last long…
In the picture you can see a school of fish comprised by 2 species, the White Trevally and the European Barracuda, which we monitor for the past days in the shallow waters of the southern Aegean. They approach the shallow and warm waters for their breeding ritual. If they are not caught now that they are an easy target, they will release millions of fertilized eggs, ensuring the rebirth of their population.
At the same time though we see a paradox. In every bay and throughout the Greek coastline, fishers target the schools of fish at the time of their reproduction, whereas in a few months it will be them who will state that the fishstocks have declined and they can hardly survive from fisheries.
This “approach” is supported by the national authorities – and the countless experts payed by the taxpayers – who for decades cannot comprehend and enforce the obvious: i.e. that it’s unacceptable to allow targeted and intense fishing at the time of the reproduction of species with commecial interest.