Flocks of Greater flamingos (Phoenicopterus roseus) returned a few days ago at the Psili Ammos Salt Marsh in South East Samos.

The pink flamingos find safe haven in the wetland until they continue their migration in the spring. They stand out due to their pink colour, their distinct silhouette and can be 1.30 m in height. When they rest they stand on one leg and when they fly in a group they are like a spectacular pink cloud that attracts all eyes.

During the winter months this unique small wetland, which is one of the few in the Greek islands, fills with water and hosts over 120 bird species which visit this site.

In recent years Archipelagos’ terrestrial team has been monitoring the migratory behaviour of the flamingos, the hydrology and chemical characteristics of the salt marsh – this research continues today. Our goal is to understand the factors at play in the salt marsh, in order to have an informed approach to the conservation and protection of this habitat.