The Aegean Marine Life Sanctuary at the World Whale Conference 2019 !

Archipelagos Institute was at the World Whale Conference 2019 which was completed yesterday at Hervey B ay, Australia. This conference is being organised by the World Cetacean Alliance, an international alliance of organisations devoted to the protection of whales and dolphins. There, a presentation and video were shown on the “Aegean Marine Life Sanctuary” which is currently being created by Archipelagos Institute. The sanctuary aims to provide for the first time in the world rehabilitation in a natural environment to dolphins rescued from captivity, while it will also provide expert veterinary medical care to stranded marine species such as dolphins, seals and sea turtles, using the highest standard of animal welfare.

 The Aegean Marine Life Sanctuary will also serve as an international research and educational facility, providing professional training in marine animal welfare, as well as practising conservation and fieldwork, while also serving as an innovative model for the development of future sanctuaries.

Having the support of an international network of expert scientists and organisations, through this endeavour Greece innovates in the solution of the global problem of dolphin abuse during forced performances.