The potential for development through a truly sustainable marine economy, which will contribute significantly to the prosperity of the islands was discussed on the 2nd conference THALATTA, in Santorini island last weekend.

Archipelagos’ research director Anastasia Miliou, gave a presentation on “The Aegean as Field of Research and Education: Knowledge supports Protection and Development”.

More specifically, Ms. Miliou referred to the experience of Archipelagos for over fifteen years, on the cooperation with scientists, academics and students from all over the world, who join the institute’s conservation efforts in the Aegean, with the aim to contribute with their expertise and targeted work. Also, this flow of visitors to the islands, indirectly supports the local economies, mainly off tourist season.

The conference THALATTA 2014, also, focused on the problems of Santorini. As explained by most participants, despite the rare ecosystem of the island, the necessary steps have not yet been taken to adapt to the new models of tourism which will focus on natural ecosystems and archaeological wealth of the island.

Finally, there was reference to the Sea Diamond shipwreck, which after over seven years since the sinking, it remains at the bottom of the Caldera, forming a toxic bomb – a very serious issue for which national authorities turn a blind eye.