Project Manager – Aegean Marine Life Sanctuary

Part-time Consultancy 

6 months – 0,6 fte

Location to be discussed 

3500 – 4700 euro/month (depending on experience)

This is an exciting opportunity to help create real change for marine mammals by supporting the development of a sanctuary for formerly captive dolphins. Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation is looking for a project manager to coordinate delivery of project milestones which contribute to the establishment of the Aegean Marine Life Sanctuary (AMLS) in Lipsi Island, Greece. In 2019 and 2020 this ambitious project requires dedicated support to achieve the goal of being operational within 2020, funding dependent.

The AMLS aims to contribute to the end of the commercial exploitation of dolphins. It intends to prove that viable solutions can be developed for a selected number of formerly captive dolphins and will set an inspirational example to the captivity industry and the public. In additional to breeding bans, sea side sanctuaries form part of the solution for captive dolphins. You will work with the Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation team and a wide range of stakeholders.

Join us in this exciting new role and help us create change for marine mammals! 

Duties & responsibilities

The project manager will be responsible for the implementation of the AMLS project plan. Specifically she/he will:

  • Coordinate protocol development

Important aspects of sanctuary operations need to be discussed with experts and protocols need to be prepared to outline work methods and to guide (emergency) responses to different circumstances prior to receiving the first animals. 

The project manager will consult online and offline a wide range of stakeholders with relevant knowledge for the development of protocols on (among others) 1) transfer/preparation of animals from entertainment venues 2) animal transport 3) medical care 4) birth control 5) food administration 6) evacuation 7) safety 8) rehabilitation.  

Deliverable: protocols for main aspects of operations available to stakeholders. 

  1. Develop, maintain and strengthen knowledge network 

As this pioneer project deals with many unknowns, it is critical to use existing knowledge and experience to identify and mitigate possible risks. 

The project manager will structure consultations with experts and will host online and offline discussions and learning sessions to gather constructive and relevant feedback on specific elements of the project plan and hurdles encountered during implementation of the plan. The project manager will also formalize existing collaborations and review participation to relevant coalitions including EARS and DFE.  

Deliverable: formalized participation in relevant coalitions and partnerships.

  • Build relationships with dolphin venues 

The transition of animals from tanks to the sanctuary will require the close involvement of animal trainers and caretakers as they are best placed to monitor the welfare of the animals in their care. 

The project manager will reach out to dolphin venues to identify possible candidates for the sanctuary and to build constructive relationships with venues looking to phase out animal attractions.  

Deliverable: Documented engagement with relevant contact people at venues – contact details and engagement notes.

  • Coordinate the consultancy for construction of the vet clinic

For the construction of the vet clinic and the other infrastructural work consultants need to be contracted and their work needs to be monitored coordinated. 

The project manager will ensure relevant expertise is attracted for the design of the vet clinic and will monitor delivery on the consultancy. 

Deliverable: Contracting and monitoring consultant. Documented expert input as result of consultation. 



  • Highly motivated project manager, with a proven track record of managing project to deliver specific outcomes. 
  • Basic understanding of veterinary care, animal welfare, conservation and environmental issues. 
  • Team player with excellent project management and coordination skills. 
  • Strong communicator and able to constructively engage with wide range of stakeholders.
  • Able and willing to travel internationally.
  • Keen to work in a highly dynamic organisation and able to respond quickly to changing conditions and needs. 
  • Excellent verbal, written and presentation skills, including written and spoken English.


  • Mastery of at least one European language other than English.


  • Educated to degree level is preferable.

How to apply

If you want to be part of our ambitious mission and help us create real change for marine mammals then please send us a copy of your CV and motivation letter addressing your skills and experience relative to the role to Anastasia Miliou and Karin Bilo no later than July 30th 2019.

Who are we? 

Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation is a Greek non-profit, non-governmental organisation committed to researching and preserving marine biodiversity. Since 1998, Archipelagos Institute has worked in close cooperation with local communities and an international team of scientists and researchers from leading universities around the word to protect marine life in the Northeastern Mediterranean. 

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