Archipelagos’ research on the “Occurrence and impact of interactions between small-scale fisheries and predators, with focus on Mediterranean monk seals (Monachus monachus Hermann 1779), around Lipsi Island complex, Aegean Sea, Greece.” was recently published in “Fisheries Research”.

This research investigates the unfortunate antagonistic interactions between Mediterranean marine mammals, including the endangered monk seal (Monachus monachus), and small-scale fisheries in the Aegean Sea. Management and remediation suggestions include the implementation of marine protected areas and the use of specific fishing gear which could reduce the frequency of interactions, and thus mitigate the loss experienced by the fisheries, as well as contribute to the conservation of an endangered species.

The aim of this research is to assess the extent of this inevitable antagonistic relationship, so that a viable management solution can be found for this complex (environmentally and socially) problem. These management practices should ensure solutions that are truly viable for artisanal fishermen, but also ensure the survival of this highly threatened species.