Two Loggerhead turtles were found trapped amongst rocks, in shallow waters, in Kokkari and in Ormos, Marathokampos on Samos island. Both turtles were found by locals, and showed obvious signs of exhaustion, probably having been unable to dive or feed for several days.

Archipelagos – Institute of Marine Conservation was immediately contacted by the locals and Archipelagos’ Stranding Response Team collected the turtles and provided first aid at Samos research base. They were finally transferred to the Sea Turtle Rescue Center of ARCHELON the Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece in Athens, where they are being treated. Attica Group and Blue Star Ferries Company helped, once again, in these incidents by safely transporting the turtle to Piraeus.

Each month we receive numerous reports of injured animals from inhabitants of the Aegean Islands and other coastal areas. Even though we are not able to publicise each incident, we need to acknowledge the immediate response of the locals and their genuine interest to help where needed.

Archipelagos has been closely working with local communities for more than 24 years. This allows us to observe the steadily increasing environmental awareness, and that more people share the belief that we are an integral part of our ecosystems and that our survival depends on their protection and conservation.