Desalination stills

Desalination stills are using the suns radiant energy to evaporate water. The evaporated water is then condensed again on a cool inside surface, where it drips down and is collected. Archipelagos’ prototype is a two slope basin solar still with a 20° horizontal angle. The aim of the desalination process in our base is to compare the results of desalination process (how much of clear water can we obtain) from the autumn and winter season with the one from summer time.


przechwytywanieDeveloping Models for Carbon Footprint Estimation

A measuring device of energy consumption has been installed on the 2 buildings of Archipelagos base in Samos in order to assess energy consumption and cost, before and after taking measures to reduce our energy use. We therefore estimate and model our Carbon Footprint (the sum of all emissions of CO2 which were induced by your activities in a given time frame), which is a very powerful tool to understand the impact of personal behavior on global warming. This project aims to develop models and educational packages that can be used in awareness raising sessions addressing to schools and local communities in the Aegean Sea islands.