Energy demand is constantly increasing in the whole world and Greece is not an exception. Archipelagos is developing projects which involve experimentation and application of small-scale renewable energy sources. Such solutions are low cost, sustainable and beneficial to the environment and the island communities. The aim is to examine efficient and inefficient examples of renewable energy sources and develop an optimal proposal which could be successfully applied on small scale across the Greek islands. The work involved in this area includes:

  • Launching a campaign e.g. for the promotion of reusing cooking oil waste for producing biodiesel.
  • Carrying out general research regarding the application of renewable energy sources for the island communities, using the new research base in Lipsi island as a study site where numerous renewable energy and desalination applications will be used to provide power and water.
  • Establishing contacts and partnerships with researchers in Greece and the rest of Europe in order to identify environmental impacts of large scale renewable energy developments.
  • Research into energy self-sufficiency using the islands of the eastern Aegean as an example and promoting sustainable, efficient application of renewable energy technologies.
  • Participating in conservation activities and creating informational material with the aim of raising public awareness regarding the use of small-scale renewable energy sources.